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Terry Williams

Dear Allen: I just wanted to let you know how incredibly grateful and thankful my family and I are to you for saving my Mother’s home from foreclosure. Since day one of our initial phone consultation, you’ve been knowledgeable, up front, thorough, extremely patient, and easy to talk to. The fact that my family had so much to lose, you made us realize how important the house was to save.

Wendy Horowitz

Dear Allen, I was noticing the calendar today and you know what April 2013 used to mean to me? The month that we would have lost the house if it weren’t for you. April 2013 was when the 7 year Interest Only ARM would revert to amortized missing principal squeezed into the remaining 23 years. We just can’t thank you enough.

Cindy Ann Bader

We bought our small Los Angeles home in 2005 with 20% down when the housing prices were very high. It is old and quirky and everything is crooked, but we like it just the same. In September 2010 our house was appraised well under the purchase price. We had lost our down payment and owed much more than the house was worth. Allen managed to negotiate a short sale which saved us financially.

Frank Cornejo

I Frank Cornejo, Captain of my fire station, have been dealing with the corruption of Bank of America, my mortgage servicer for my home loan for almost two years. Without the help of Allen Lissauer and his team of professionals at Advanced Economic Strategies (AES), I would not have been able to negotiate a fair mortgage and loan. Thank you so much Allen!

James Hagopian

My name is James Hagopian. I first heard about Allen and AES from a family member who told me how AES had helped save their home from foreclosure. I called Allen to set up an appointment in early April of 2012. At this point I had already a foreclosure sign taped on my front door. Allen managed to save my home and I can’t thank him and his team enough. They are very professional.

Ginger K. Ridings

Dear Mr. Lissauer, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for assisting me in securing a home modification. You were referred to me by Leslie Struthers, Vice President of Mortgage Lending with Guaranteed Rate in Chicago. Her experience with Advanced Economic Strategies (AES) had been very positive, and she helped me thoroughly with my home modification.

Paul Q. Rheinschild

I had what HUD called a predatory loan on my home of 38 years. I was failing financially, and about to go into foreclosure. My son had recommended a company called Advanced Economic Strategies (AES) to me. They had helped my son (Steven), with a loan modification on his home. They took care of me and saved my home. Just another success story. I am so grateful and so is my son.

Steven and Deirdre Walters

Before we couldn’t afford our mortgages because of the fact, that we have two small children, limiting my wife’s ability to generate income with her being the primary caregiver for our children. After Advanced Economic Strategies (AES) worked with me and my family we were able to afford our mortgage with a new interest rate.