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Medical Debt Negotiation

Credit card & stethoscope


We are hearing more and more about people who are getting hit with huge medical bills and no way to pay them. The New York Times recently wrote an article about a laid-off New Jersey supermarket executive who received a $171,569 medical bill for a six-day hospital stay due to a heart attack. Since he was unemployed, he did not have health insurance and one has to wonder, what in the world is this guy going to do? Better yet, what can any of us do if we get a medical bill such as this? The first step is to call Financial Sanity Now. Our team of experts can help negotiate these outrageously exaggerated prices to an affordable amount. Medical debt comes from any medical expense, such as a regular checkup or emergency room visit. The cost varies based on factors like your insurance company and coverage, and your medical needs. If you put off your medical bills, debt will build up and you’ll end up paying a lot more than you actually should. Call us now toll free for a free consultation. No obligation. Take control of your debt today, don’t let it take control of you.