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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Mortgage Solutions

Loan Modification

Our loan modification team, Financial Sanity Now has over 15 years of experience. People are more vulnerable to lose their homes because of predatory loans; our goal is to use our expertise and strategies to help people in trouble with their mortgage.

Other Mortgage Solutions

Financial Sanity Now provides a solution to those who have taken out other mortgages on their home. Our strategies and services make it easier for people who are struggling with their payments to get up to date with a lower interest rate through a modification, or come up with a settlement plan to settle what is owed for a fraction of the debt.

Short Sales

A short sale is a property, which can be an apartment, a vacant land, or an “underwater” home that is sold for less than the balance owed on its mortgage. The property can also be short sold if the selling price is higher than that of the mortgage but not more than the closing costs and commissions included. Financial Sanity Now offers this service to short sell a client’s home at no cost to them while protecting their credit too. As the name suggests, Financial Sanity Now provides complete protection to people from financial and correlated financial disasters by offering them full financial sanity.

Regain 100% Financial Sanity Now


Regain 100% Financial Sanity Now

In today’s tough economic times it can be difficult to find real Financial Solutions to the problems most people face. But have no fear there are real solutions to your problems! Allen Lissauer is a businessman who successfully started and managed his own company. But tragedy struck him, as it has too many honest, hard working people, and he found himself in debt with no real solutions available. But instead of pitying himself, Allen picked himself right up and developed the best ways to get out of debt. Allen Lissauer now has a top-notch business team who has over 15 years experience in dealing with debt solutions.

Loan Modifications

Financial Sanity Now specializes in several financial services, including loan modifications, and second mortgage settlements. Allen and his team have an amazing track record of saving their clients 30-50% on their mortgage loans! Their knowledge of the market and understanding of the financial world helps them take on the big banks for you and helps them get you what you need. If your loan is just too unbearable or you simply would like to put more money elsewhere, then you may want to consider a loan modification. If this is the route you chose to take then use Financial Sanity Now to make sure you get the best deal available.

Short Sales

Underwater mortgages have become a reality for millions of Americans still suffering from the housing crisis of 2008. But Financial Sanity works to make sure your credit never suffers, and that you don’t lose your home to foreclosure. Short sales are available for anyone who owes a greater balance on their mortgage then their property is worth. With their years of experience and excellent track record, Financial Sanity will make sure you get every dime you can back from your loan.

Debt Solutions

With the growing number of Americans who simply cannot afford to pay the amount of credit card debt they owe, Financial Sanity works on eliminating as much of it as possible. Allen and his partners have helped hundreds of people lower their debt by considerable amounts, down to an affordable payment that can be easily paid on a monthly basis or by settling the debt for a fraction of what they owe. If you are suffering from high monthly credit card payments, call Allen and his crew today.


Allen Lissauer Can Help You With Your Home

Are you among the millions of property owners who’s struggling to make ends meet amidst a difficult economic situation? Are you seeking a loan modification, debt solutions or other financial solution?

You’re not alone. One out of every 200 homes is facing foreclosure and more than a million homeowners lose their property every year. Those figures rise dramatically during recessions and times of economic strife.

More than half of homeowners are at risk of falling behind on their mortgage payments if they miss a single paycheck. Compound this with the fact that the average American has more than $7,000 in credit card debt and it’s simple to see how an unexpected illness, job loss or other incident can lead to serious financial trouble.

If these facts sound all too familiar, Sherman Oaks-based financial expert Allen Lissauer is available to assist. With more than 15 years of experience, Allen Lissauer can help save your home.

Lissauer has helped hundreds of homeowners in the Los Angeles area and around the nation save 30% to 50% on their mortgage payments, which has meant the difference between homeownership and foreclosure for so many clients.

Whether you are seeking a loan modification or other debt solutions, require help with a loan modification, or need assistance with debt or other financial solutions, there’s help. Turn to Allen Lissauer and the team at for assistance with your home loan modification and other financial solutions.

Call 866-753-4028.